About This Site

Hi, welcome to my race diary!
This is a journal of my training and race experience. I’m trying to turn this into a chronological history of all my misadventures. How often this site is updated will depend on my mood.

Visit my other blog, The Photo & Travel Journal, for a photo blog of my travels and events I attended.

About Me

Just a normal guy looking for something to take up my weekend downtime.

It started with an impulsive purchase of a proper bicycle in Spring 2009. Then I thought I’d better get my money work’s out of my purchase. So I started cycling to work once a month, then once a week, then every other day, then almost everyday during the summer.

A year later, I upped the ante by getting a road bike. I really love how the Kona Kapu is different from almost every other one on the road.
With the help of a few charity rides, work commutes, and occasional shopping trips, this was the big year where I doubled my cycle mileage to over 3000km.

Some more charity rides and gran fondos later, I got myself a carbon racer, joined Midweek Cycling Club‘s Learn-to-Race program, and now racing for the club in the Ontario Cup series in the Elite 4 category.


Running for me started as cross-training excercise to complement cycling, but have since then raced all distances up to marathon.

My first race was the 2010 Mississauga 10K, where I was surprised at how well I placed considering I had no training and only one practice run. My first half-marathon race was exactly a year later, also in Mississauga, and the 42.2K the year after that.

I like to mix things up; so far these have included trail running, triathons, cyclocross, and cross-country skiing. Can’t wait for the snow to return!

Oh apparently, I need to keep a job to pay for all my energy gels and fancy gear. I work at a small consulting firm called Visual Thinking International, where I make images flash on computer screens and splash colours everywhere to make clients happy.