Apr 01 2012

Around the Bay 2012 – Race Report

For the few weeks since Chilly Half Marathon, I dialed down training intensity due to nagging issues around the knee area. I actually saw a physiotherapist just to make sure nothing is broken, but alas I got the green light.

I treated this as a training run with a twist: no GPS watch, no heartrate monitor, and no pacebands. I planned to go by feel and have fun! (Sorry, no Strava profile this time!)

Square One Running Room group outside Copps ColiseumOnce again, I was chauffeured by the good people at Square One Running Room, for which I now owe several coffees.

I arrived at Copps Coliseum early, ended up waiting an hour inside the arena before heading out to the start line.


I positioned myself close to the 3 hour pace bunny, which would be a relaxed pace for the beginning. I would increase or decrease effort depending on how I feel later.

The first 10km were uneventful. I didn’t try too hard to dodge around people to conserve energy, and carefully steered around potholes (alerting others behind me as well when necessary).

The 3 hour bunny stopped for the 10 and 1 walk while I pressed on as I was feeling good.

Km 15

At about the halfway point of the race was where runners had to cross the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge.

Give'r!The road surface was just bare metal grid where one can see through the bottom. All I wanted was to survive without stepping on the wrong spot, because it sure as hell would hurt if I fall!

And what about the barefoot runners? Well, there was one guy in front me, and I had to cringe as I watched him step on burning rocks. Ouch.

Km 20

The series of rolling hills began soon after turning on to North Shore Boulevard. Not a problem! I purposely sped up going uphill just to see how many people I was able to pass. Good times!

Km 23

It was mostly downhill in the lead up to Valley Inn Road, where all the people I passed going up the hills caught up to me. The left leg complained when I try to widen the stride. Oh well, it was a much needed rest anyway.

Km 25

The Valley Inn Road hill is steep, but short enough to power through to the top. Just had to make sure I steered clear of the all those moving pylons!

Km 28

Finish inside Copps ColiseumAfter a bit of steady flat terrain, it was all downhill from here back to Copps Coliseum. The grim reapers seemed less than enthusiastic – perhaps it was due to the sun out and the heat was getting to them.


All I really had to do was to be sure not to trip up on the ramp into the arena. I crossed the line on lane #1.

Race time was 2h47m06s
Chip time was 2h45m12s

Final Thoughts

The course was a great challenging course, more interesting than most of the boring flat marathon races.

It's time for a nap, I reckonYou know what would a great idea? Create a King of the Mountain segment for the Valley Inn Road climb, and give out awards for the fastest climbs! This is the norm in bike racing, which would add another dimension to the race.

In other news, Brightroom’s race photos for this event were disappointing. They didn’t even adjust the white balance properly for the finish line shots. How do they expect people to pay ripoff prices for mediocre products?


  1. Cherry

    Holy geez, You developed some crazy quads over the past year! How exactly did you remember all the “km” report without your Garmin?

    1. Henry Lo

      Easy. Just reference the course map 😉

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