Aug 01 2013

Criterium Racing!

I started riding with Midweek Cycling Club this Spring, mainly to take advantage of their weekly learn-to-race program and practice races.

I have been road riding for a few years, building up my fitness, and became sufficiently comfortable riding with others around me. So I thought it was time for some proper guidance.

Monday Learn-to-Race sessions were excellent opportunities to learn and practice race lines, rotations, strategies, and probably most importantly, riding in tighter pelotons, with the occassional bumping, which we also practised.

After a few months of Learn-to-Race, I finally decided to try a Tuesday practice race last week. I hung out at the back of the peloton and stayed out of trouble. That’s a small victory I suppose, but being at the back meant missing out on all the action up front.

I hoped to change that in 2nd race by looking for opportunities to go off the front. I did manage to get up near the front on several occasions, but had no idea what I was supposed to do!

A few riders broke away halfway through the race, which took the peloton until 5 laps to go to reel in. Right after that, 2 Midweek riders took off. I was in a good positiona and jumped on, but I guess I didn’t know what I was doing again. I thought I was taking a turn working with those guys, but when I looked back, there was no one to be seen. So the only thing left to do was time trial as hard as possible, but alas, the peloton made quick work of my escapade. Better luck time, maybe, with better execution.

Come check out the fun every Tuesday evening at Buckhorn Gate/Tahoe Blvd in Mississauga!

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