Jan 02 2012

Cross Country Skiing… Finally!

The snow took its time to show up this winter. While this is generally a positive thing, it kept my new old classic skis (that I bought used last spring) in my closet.

Finally, on the last week of Decemember, there was just barely enough snow in the Collingwood area to form the base, and off I went on the day before Christmas eve.

The location was Scenic Caves Nordic Centre, Scenic Caves Nordic Centreat the top of Blue Mountain. There were only a few people there in the early morning, so I was able to get my trail pass and maps right away.

I tried the “Easy Peasy” loop first to get my bearings. It’s been so long that I almost forgot everything, so I just had to relearn!

One of the trails took me to a lookout. I was supposed to be able Blue Mountain Lookoutto see all around the mountain, including the downhill runs at the nearby Blue Mountain Resort, but visibility was severely limited by fog.

I ended up skiing almost all the available trails. Even though there were a lot more people later in the day, I was still able to find myself alone on the tracks for the most part.

There’s just something magical Just me and the snowy forestabout being alone in the forest, surrounded by fresh powder, with the only sound coming from the skis.

I think I did pretty well: I was better balanced than I remembered last year, and more confident going downhill.

The plan for the rest of the season is to further improve balance so I can glide more efficiently. More long term plans call for learning to skate ski as well.

Hopefully there are better snow conditions in 2012, so the ski trails closer to where I live can finally open!

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