May 18 2014

Getting Lost and Getting Dropped – Good Friday Road Race O-Cup #2 Report

My first ever Ontario Cup race experience was definitely memorable.

The start from Ancaster Fairground was without incident. Until 2km into the race. While the peloton had no lead vehicle in front (only one commissaire vehicle following), the police directed us to go right when we were supposed to go straight. This went on for another 4km or so until we were finally told to stop and no one really knew what to do.

After some deliberation with race control, we were led in a neutral ride back on course, where we waited at the side of the road until race officials could locate the lone breakaway rider and restart our race.

Meanwhile, the peloton of Master 3 men and then women came by. While some of us took the opportunity to do a number 1, the rest had nothing else to do but to cheer. We loved the look of confusion of those riders!

Finally, our race was restarted. Everyone was fresh and the pace picked up fairly quickly.

I wasn’t feeling great at all, and found myself yo-yoing from the back already.

Returning to the fairgrounds for the next lap, I was hanging at the back. While I could only maintain a steady pace in the gravel section, the peloton accelerated, so I was gone by the time we turned back on the road.

Still feeling lousy, I had nothing in the tank to chase back to the group, so I solo time trialed to the end of the race.

So this was somewhat of a reality check. I’d likely fall off the back anyway even if I was 100%. Work in progress.

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  1. Paul Radcliffe

    That’s so weird to get lost and then have to stop for so long. Hope you feel better next time!

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