Aug 06 2014

Hot and Bothered – 2014 Tour de Terra Cotta

On the Monday of the Civic Holiday weekend, it turned out to be even warmer than Saturday at the Tom Jehlicka Crit.
I did not even bother taking out the trainer from the car trunk.

After signing in and pinning on numbers, I rode most of one lap of the race course while the Beginner race was happening. The rest of the time was spent riding up and down one of the side streets near the start/finish line, and chilling with buddies from the Midweek team.

We have a large contigent in this race – seemed like almost all club members are in. Cool, the more the merrier!

Close to 10 of us, along with 200 others lined up for the Intermediate 52km distance, 6 laps of the course.

Compared to last year, the pace was a lot faster right from the start. I had expected this though, since some of us had talked about attacking the hill right off the bat, and I am sure other teams would have similar ideas.

Feed zone at the top of the Heritage Road climbClimbing the hill feature on Heritage Road was usually not a issue, but I was vulberable in the false flat that immediately followed. I was close to getting gapped there on the second lap, and stayed on by burning more matches than I wanted

On the third lap, the pace seemed to have picked up again, and this time I was undone by the false flat.
I had almost caught back on, but got gapped again at the next right hand turn. I was maxing out, it was hot, and I probably didn’t drink enough (little chance to drink when I was chasing all the time…)

A train driven by teammate Dan showed up, so I jumped on the back to recover. That took almost half of the 8.5km lap…

Finish line in sightKendra and Will were also on this chase group. I rode with them until the finish.

We were picking up stragglers who fell off the lead peloton as the race went on, so our group had become quite sizeable.
If we had organized a chase, there’s a chance we could close the gap to the lead peloton, but no one really wanted to do anything. Though I suspect a lot of them were spent, like me, and just wanted to get this over with.

The last two laps were conducted in a leisurely pace, only increased at the end for the sprint finish.

I am not at all happy with how I got dropped. This seems to be an ongoing theme. Nothing off-season training can’t fix, right?

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