Jun 10 2013

Kahrbuhn Klincher Koncord Pro – Review

I had the opportunity to test a pair of carbon clinchers during this year’s Gran Fondo Gatineau. It’s only right that I should at least write a quick review.

Wilier Gran Turismo with Kahrbuhn Klincher Koncord ProsHere are some thoughts about the Kahrbuhn Klincher Koncord Pro 50mm carbon clinchers I demo’d. Keep in mind that I have only used stock box wheels, with the exception of Zipp 404s I used for a weekend last year, under very different circumstances.

Kahrbuhn is small local wheelbuilder based near Richmond Hill, Ontario, who is trying to get exposure by making some demontration sets available for local clubs. A friend happens to know a friend who knows the wheel builder, so that’s how I got my chance. I do not know the builder, and am not affiliated with the company.

The wheels roll quite well, and the hubs are very smooth. Performance wise I didn’t think they were any better or worse than the Zipp 404 hubs. I did notice they were a lot quieter. It’s more of a personal preference, but I would prefer loud hubs please!

Love how the rims totally match the carbon weave of my frameThe wheels seemed responsive and stiff enough; didn’t feel squishy out of the saddle. I remembered the Zipp 404s last year might be stiffer, but then I had a Scott Foil Team frame, so it’s not a truly apples-to-apples comparison.

The most noticeable performance improvement over my stock wheels was the ability to hold speed better on flats, and was able to generate more speed on descents. For a small guy like me, without gravitational advantage, every km/h not lost is valuable.

Being siginificantly lighter than stock, I was expecting to climb better, and I did feel stronger on the climbs. Other factors such as better pacing, more training, and more favourable temperature than last year may have contributed though.

If there was one thing to nitpick, the graphics were not as refined as the big brands. I have been told that the actual product would look better than the demo stickers, but people who care about those graphics might still find the website images lacking.
I personally don’t mind though. As you saw in my earlier photos, the carbon finish itself looked good in daylight.

Gran Turismo at the finishBottom line, for less than half of what one would normally pay for a pair of big brand medium-profile carbon clinchers, you can get yourself a comparable performer. Another advantage is the company is a local wheelbuilder based in the GTA, so I would probably be able to just show up at their office for any warranty issues.

So that’s a thumbs up! I’m putting in order for a pair.

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