Sep 10 2014

Meet My New Friend

2015 Giant TCX SLR 2

My new TCX on the Etobicoke Creek trailI originally wanted to look for remaining 2014 stock on clearance, but ended up getting a good deal on a brand new 2015 model, hot off the container ship from Taiwan.

So it’s a purpose built for cyclocross, and generally getting dirty and stuff.

I usually don’t like getting dirty, but I watched some cyclocross last season and looks like a ball, so I will give it a try, at the Midweek Tuesday Cross at Centennial series.

It’s also nice to be able to roll over potholes and cracks on downtown streets, so when outside of cyclocross, I will slap on some road tires and use it as a super commuter.

This could be a start to a beautiful relationship!

Thanks to Jeff and the guys at Cyclepath Oakville for setting me up.

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