May 23 2014

The Effing Wall – Niagara Classic O-Cup #5 Report

I must really like getting spit out the back and riding by myself, because here I was in Pelham getting ready to start the Niagara Classic, a week after Grey County Road Race.

Finally, there was good weather AND no wind! Hallelujah!

I rode the trainer for ten fifteen minutes after pinning race numbers on the jersey, and then it was off to the start corral.

After the short neutral rollout, we were immediately hit with the steepest part of the Effingham St climb. It is a wall, briefly touching 20% incline, and long enough that I could not stand for the entire climb. Once again, I am thankful for my compact cranks.

The first time up was no problem. Everyone has energy to climb, and then settled down for a relatively slow pace. 3 or 4 guys did break off from the front, but they were brought back into the peloton with little effort before the second lap.

If I can't win, at least look good suffering, right?The second time up felt little tougher.

Before the third time up, no one wanted to work and the peloton slowed right down. Someone did not pay attention and went down and caused a slow-motion domino effect for riders at the back. The peloton was still moving slowly, so everyone caught back on after the climb.
We were so slow that we had to neutralize to allow the Master 3 peloton that started 3 minutes after to pass.

Legs were getting tired on the fourth time up. I got gapped a bit after the climb, but managed to chase back onto the peloton with the help of 3 others.

I probably didn’t have as much time to recover as most of the riders in the peloton, so the wagon did unhitch on the last time up. I ended up trading pulls with one other rider, but then he blew up completely before the final descent, so I rode the last 2-3km to the finish.

So I almost stayed with them the whole way. Maybe next time…

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