Jun 11 2012

A Pretty Good Week of Activities

It has been a good week (+1 day) for getting the mileage in.


It started last Sunday with the Ride for Heart.

I rode the 25km from my home to the start area at Exhibition Place, Toronto.
Then proceeded to do 3 loops of the Don Valley Parkway portion to extend total distance to 100km.

I had a friend pace me for the duration of the ride. He was clearly stronger than me, and had trouble staying with him. I originally planned to ride home as well, but since I was completely cooked, I decided to take the GO Train instead.


On the Thursday, I finally got to use my wetsuit and new goggles when I started my first open water swimming session at Lake Kelso.

It turned out to be a good swim, after the thunderstorms have passed. I figured out how to put on the wetsuit, which was my greatest concern.

I was surprised at how soon I became comfortable in the water. Besides the obvious no line at the bottom and no lane markers, it felt just like the pool, especially with the calm waters that day.

The swim was followed by a short brick run with the boys.


The next day, I went up to Oro-Medonte to scout the Centurion Ontario C100K race route with Hong.

It was a challenging course, with a maximum 10% steep climb right out of the Horseshoe Resort parking lot. There were quite a few significant rolling hills, which I happily attacked during the first half of the route. I guess I should have left something for the end, because I had a difficult time in the last 20km, against the headwind and perpetual false flat.

I took the KOM on the climb out of Horseshoe Resort, but was promptly taken away the very next day. I shall get my chance to reclaim it!


On the Saturday, I went for another swim at Lake Kelso.

The wind was quite strong that day, whipping up the water, and I had a difficult time sighting and holding my line.

The rougher water did not bother my swim strokes much, but I will need to work on sighting in advance of the Toronto Triathlon Festival, which in all likelihood would have rough waters for the swim in the western channel of Lake Ontario.


Finally, on the day after, I participated in the Cambridge Tour de Grand

I originally planned to try the 160km course, but when I missed the start time, I ended up riding with a good pace group for the 100km route. When they all turned towards the 100km arrow at the junction, I had no choice but to follow!

I was happy to be able to hang with the group for over 70km, and even did a few short pulls at the front.

Unfortunately, I was gapped after a turn at an intersection, and was never able to catch on again. Luckily, after a short while, another train came up from behind. I managed to hitch on and rode with them to the finish.

There are still a lot of aspects on which I need to improve, but felt I’m getting better at bridging gaps and accelerating out of corners to maintain contact with riders ahead.

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