May 01 2012

Still a Long Way to Go

So I have committed myself to a few races for the summer. I even got myself the Centurion Express Card, which means I get all the Centurion organized races I can handle.

I really needed to ramp up the mileage, which is sometimes a challenge to balance that with marathon training. I am glad to have been able to do back-to-back rides this weekend: 120km from Burlington to Port Dalhousie return, and 70km from Mississauga to Mt. Nemo.

How did I feel? After coming home on Sunday, I fell on the bed and stayed there for the rest of the day, getting up only to get my KFC fix.

I am so glad I did not yet commit to a double century (160km x 2) at the end of June. I’m so not ready for that!

On the positive side, I found myself becoming very comfortable staying low on the dropbars for extended period of time. My lower back and core are definitely stronger than last year.

After Mississauga Marathon, there will be only 3 weeks left until my first big cycle race, the Gran Fondo Gatineau. I am quite nervous about the 6000ft of elevation gain over the 110km distance. The plan is to get a few more longer rides after Mississauga Marathon, and do some hard escarpment climbing, and hope for the best!

Here’s to a busy and productive summer:

  • May 20: Gran Fondo Gatineau (110km). God help me.
  • June 3: Ride for Heart (75km+). Hoping to add an extra loop to make it 100km
  • June 10: Cambridge Tour de Grand (160km). A good gauge to see if I’m truly ready.
  • 2nd weekend of July: Centurion Ontario @ Horseshoe Valley. 25km & 100km races.
  • July 22: Toronto Triathlon Festival. Need open water swim practice!
  • 3rd weekend of August: Centurion New York @ Ellicottville. Individual time trial & 100 mile races.
  • 3rd weekend of September: Centurion Canada @ Blue Mountain. Hill climb challenge, 25 mile race, 100 mile race. I’m going to die after all this!
  • November 4: Hamilton Marathon
  • I’ll have to make time to keep up the running mileage, and concentrate on more speed work and hills if I want to PB the marathon in November.


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    1. Hong

      That sounds like a lot of mileage. Hopefully some of our rides can help you out.
      Busy is what I like!

      1. Henry Lo

        They definitely help: I usually don’t get this amount of training miles until summer.
        I really appreciate you guys tolerating a slow poke like me 😉

    2. Paul Radcliffe

      So, are you a cyclist or a runner first?

      That looks like a lot of mileage. Good luck and stay injury free!!

      1. Henry Lo

        Cyclist in the summer, runner in the rest of the seasons 😉

    3. Cherry

      you mean 2 weeks after the marathon until the big crazy Gran FOndo. You’re getting me all nervous now. God help me first! You’re doing several races per Centurion? Wow no wonder you needed that aerodynamic helmet.

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