Apr 02 2013


There were blizzards everytime I went up to Highlands Nordic, but that meant lots of good powder.The winter of 2011-2012 was one that shall not be mentioned ever. This winter was much better, in terms of both amount and quality of snow. Aside from a dry spell in the middle of January, I was able to look forward to a full day of classic skiing every weekend.

Now that all facilities around Southern Ontario have closed for the season after Easter, here is the tally for the 2012-2013 season:

  • Total Trips: 9
  • Total Time on Skiis: 24 hrs 5 mins
  • Distance Travelled: 188.7km
  • Vertical Distance: 2.2km
  • Seems like all the cool people are skate skiing, so I will make learning to skate ski a priority for next season.

    As final note, I understand why most people don’t like winter, but the key is to find something to do that you will love. Cross-country skiing is ideally suited to people who like endurance cycling and running. Give it a try!

    Fast tracks at Ganaraska Forest
    Winter wonderland at Highlands Nordic
    Warm bonfire on a cold night at Wasage Nordic
    Lookout from top of Blue Mountain towards Georgian Bay and beyond, at Scenic Caves

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